Mac Spider


- Mac Spider is a 22MB compressed zip file. -
It will be downloaded to your 'Downloads' folder. Double-click on the zip file to decompress the game app.
Your 'System Preferences'->'Security & Privacy' settings must be set to allow downloads from 'identified developers'.

Mac Spider Solitaire Daily Challenge Game

The daily challenge game changes every 24 hours. Copy the daily game number and paste it into the Mac Spider 'Replay Game' window. Everyone who plays the Daily Game number will be playing the exact same game. The best winning game time of the day for each suit option will appear below.

The Daily Game Number will change in 7 hours, 59 minutes and 10 seconds.

Daily Game Number: 0000020211202

Mac Spider Daily Challenge One Suit

Game Number Time Score Name

Mac Spider Daily Challenge Two Suits

Game Number Time Score Name

Mac Spider Daily Challenge Four Suits

Game Number Time Score Name
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All names are set to 'Anonymous' by default in the Mac Spider App. Choose 'Cloud Sharing...' from the Mac Spider Options Menu to set a custom leaderboard name. Times entered with the default 'Anonymous' name will incur a 5 minute time penalty on the leaderboards.

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